The studio is open for product photography during the Covid 19 outbreak - contact me to arrange your shoot.

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How I used a 8W LED bulb to light a bottle of Jack Daniels

Always nice to have a great reccommendation from a fab client

From concept to photography I was commissioned by The Royal Society of Chemistry to produce images for their front cover and inside magazine spreads. There were both still images and animated Gifs to create.

Vegans Deserve Better than a Fruit Salad is published! "Vegans Deserve Better Than a Fruit Salad is an informative, humorous, idea-inspiring cookery book like no other. With more than 60 recipes, Chef Danielle will convince you vegan desserts are easy to make, taste yummy and look fantastic." The book features my food photography and creative photography direction.

High quality food photography with creative advice from award winning photographer.

My studio is open for remote working I can work on my own using all the same equipment and facilities in my studio that I used before the Covid-19 outbreak

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Merry Christmas!

Here's a little festive fun with some Christmas lights, a starburst filter and a bit of kaleidoscope editing....

A behind the scenes look at a food photography shoot

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Slow motion video

We have been doing more video and animations in the last few years. Give us a call if you have a project that needs some moving images, we will be happy to advise on what would work best for your brand and the possibilities of what can be done.

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Focus Stacking

Getting the photograph all in focus by using focus stacking