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19 | 06 | 19

Why I have a vital draw of junk in the studio

As a photographer who has his own studio who shoots a lot of products and food I collect crap, and usually at least one draw is filled with it.

08 | 05 | 19

Moving Marbles

An arty video of marbles moving around, hitting the sides as they go.

28 | 02 | 19

Stop motion and dynamic visuals

Stop frame animation can be a great way to promote products without going the full video production route, they are generally quicker to do and more cost effective for return on investment.

24 | 10 | 18

Portrait photography of Royal Zara Tindall

Portrait photography of the queen's granddaughter Zara Tindall at her Cotswold home of iCandyworld.

11 | 01 | 18

Another great recommendation

It's always great to have client feedback, particularly when as good as this one.

10 | 11 | 17

Sinister Stapler stop frame animation

Short fun take on the humble office stapler

27 | 10 | 17

Silver award in the international PX3 competition

I won a silver award in the Advertising Products category of the PX3 awards

12 | 10 | 17

Landrover and iCandy team up with new pushchair

Jaguar Landrover and iCandyworls team up to design a new all terrain pushchair

19 | 09 | 17

Stop frame animation

Stop frame animations for Californian company Dexcom advertising their blood glucose monitoring app.

02 | 03 | 17

iCandyworld shoot in North Norfolk

A busy time shooting lifestyle photography for iCandyworld in beautiful North Norfolk. Taking in Burnham Market, Cromer and Holkham beach. Weather was cold but we escaped any rain and had magnificent sunlight for most of the time.