The Photography Blog

I was commissioned by Submerge Digital to product lots of new fun content for MadameF wines. Consisting of animations, stills and video.

There are lots of things to consider before a professional photoshoot, find out more about some essentials.... The brief, Budget, Estimate, Locations, Lighting and composition, extra expert to hire.....etc...

Contemporary style photography of a wine bottle with a minimalist background

01 | 02 | 22

Rotating table

Experimental video Short of a bottle of Italian wine on a rotating table with creative lighting

New year and new work

25 | 10 | 21

Portrait composition

Description on the composition and method behind a b/w portrait, high contrasts and negative space.

Experimenting with previous video footage of a Ballerina with the intension to make a sinister if a little scary film.

Photography and video of Vegan desserts, all shot at my studio in Hertfordshire.

02 | 08 | 21

Eyewear Photoshoot

Behind the Lens BTS of LK Bennette eyewear shoot in the UK studio Hertfordshire. Photos for global campaign.

22 | 06 | 21

Savile Row Tailor

Fashion photography for Alexandra Wood Bespoke of here latest additions to her men's suit range of garments