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Keech Hospice photo shoot of seriously ill children,

Harpendia magazine write an article about me, my studio and my commercial photography

This product photograph of a red Dualit toaster was combined with a red background to give the image more impact, more than it would have had if photographed on a white background.

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Osprey Handbag

Contemporary photography of a luxury Osprey handbag, the product photographed on a part real and part rendered background

I recently had a sort through some old b/w photographs I took in 1986 / 1987. Here's some of them.

A really easy recipe for delicious honecomb. Food photography in the commercial studio Hertfordshire

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Merry Christmas 2013!

A fun Photoshop amimated gif © Darrin Jenkins 2013

My new Bio - less scripty more fun

Remembering the use of Cow Gum and Magic Markers. They were used in graphic design studios for layouts and visuals before computers became available.

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CGI Imagery

I have teamed up with top retouchers Reddimension, who I am now working with on a series of collaborative works. The one below is the first, my idea was to create a scene where the butter comes to life and grabs for a cracker. Richard from Reddimension did a great CGI job of creating and sculpting the hand!