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Location photography for UK charity

Keech Hospice phoned me last summer asking if I was interested in photographing some seriously ill children in their centre at Luton, Bedfordshire. The brief was to produce "a really strong selection" of photographs for their key advertising.

Almost six months later, and after a lot of planning by Keech Hospice, we finally did the shoot; it was a grey winter's day and there were a lot of children that needed to be photographed.
As time was in short supply my plan was to work without too much lighting, so Elinchrom battery powered flash lighting with two heads and my Canon 5DMk111 was used. The camera is great for high ISO speeds we shot some fab images at 1250asa, capturing just what the client wanted in the way of expression and interaction. My favourite lens used was a manual focus Voightlander 40mm f2 Ultron, beautifully sharp, lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to use.

We were a little apprehensive as to how the day would go and if all the children were well enough to be photographed, but all turned out fine, the staff were fab, and the children although very, ill were willing to help out without any complaints.

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