Vegans Deserve Better than a Fruit Salad

ISBN : 978-1-78830-701-7

Vegan food photography

After a long wait Vegans Deserve Better than a Fruit Salad has finally been published.

The food photography was taken in late 2019 at my studio, I helped Danielle with the image concepts, propping and styling for each recipe, she wanted something different to most food photography, with a slight twist or fun.

From Olympia publisher's website:

Vegans Deserve Better Than a Fruit Salad is an informative, humorous, idea-inspiring cookery book like no other.”

"Danielle Maupertuis is a Belgian Pastry Chef who has worked in five-star hotels, abroad and in the U.K. She won several gold and silver medals in international competitions. She is one of the first Pastry Chefs to create a range of vegan desserts focused upon taste and presentation. She runs classes for amateurs and Chefs at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School. Her challenge is to give vegan desserts a fine dining touch and penetrate the exciting world of culinary awards. Writer in vegan magazines, she also gives TV cooking demos, online courses and talks in vegan shows."


The book is available from here:


Vegan black forest gateau Vegan sticky toffee puding Vegan Bread and butter pudding