Science of the Perfect Cake

The Royal Society of Chemistry commissioned me to create imagery for the front cover of their magazine and also inside article. The brief was to come up with a concept for the photography for the front cover of their magazine Chemistry World, and also make an animated Gif of the ingredients for use on social media.

They wanted images that reflected my style of food photography which generally is clean lines and graphic angles. I drew several visuals and the one they picked was my favourite too.

Each element was shot separately, this enabled me to create the look of perspective, and also to be able to make various versions at different aspect ratios, one was portrait for the front cover and the others were 3:2 and 16:9 landscape. So to have all the elements moveable was a great advantage and also saved considerable time by not having to shoot for each version.

food photography front cover magazine

Magazine front cover

Gif low res 900px.gif

This animated Gif was used for Socil Media

Inside spread for the magazine

Magazine article abstract food photo photography Magazine article on food ingredients with abstract food photography

It is a really interesting article and it will help any homebaker understand the science behind creating the perfect Victoria Sponge cake. Here's the link to the article:

The Perfect Sponge