Stop motion and dynamic visuals

Stop frame animation can be a great way to promote products without going the full video production route, they are generally quicker to do and more cost effective for return on investment.

Still-life images that move are becoming more in demand, the final media is used on-line and in the rich media posters seen in the London underground.

Animations can tell a story, be humorous, instructional, and are excellent at grabbing people’s attention, they work particularly well in social media, moving posters and online articles.

The process of creating an animation needs more planning than in a conventional still-life shoot as each element needs to be moved in a controlled pre-planned way, the objects need to give a narrative flow.

This example I have done here is a fun animation of a tomato falling into a bowl of soup, each frame was shot at high resolution, retouched, scaled and then imported into Adobe Premier for the edit, then in this case output to Mp4 format for Instagram.