Slow motion video

We have been doing more video and animations in recent years. Call us if you have a project that needs some moving images, we will be happy to advise on what would work best for your brand and the possibilities of what can be created.

We've been having fun making a slow motion video of a rather snazzy bottle of Freixenet Prosecco wine. The aim was to produce a short video sequence that would be great for promotional uses across different digital media.

The camera used was a Fuji XT-3 shooting HD at 100 frames per second. The bottle was hung in a controllable way so the movement could be reproduced accurately and receptively, on each take any slight adjustment could be made to the movement without it being too random.

A second video was made of a close-up of the bottle rotating and then combined at editing stage.

The video was edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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