Food Photography in the studio

It was great to be shooting some more food photos in June for a big household brand.

BTS of food photography shoot

Deciding on which fork to use.. Always a tricky decision, fortunately we has lots to choose from.

The background in the photo is slate and the one beneath is a zinc sheet, both kept as in-house props in the studio, along with plenty of plates and receptacles for all those different food photography shoots.

BTS of studio food photography shoot

A high viewpoint was called for on this food shoot.

The food was placed on some really good looking African slate and the Phase one camera was positioned a fair way up the camera stand. Two lights were used, one behind a sheet of trace as the main light and the other over the top as a fill light. Having this lighting arrangemend meant that I had huge control of the shadow and contrast.

Food in the photography kitchen ready for the home economist to prepare for a food shoot

The home economist brought a selection of extras like sauces and herbs to use in the food preparation, in the foreground are a pile of old knives and spoons which are kept in the studio as in-house props. The studio kitchen is big enough to do most demanding food shoots, it also doubles up as a shooting area which is a nice addition to the main studio.