Is composition enough to create great images?

black and white photo of a building in Corfu Town Greece. Artistic and abstract

I’ve been taking photographs professionally for about 35 years and during that time my understanding of composition and lighting has become better and better.

However, knowing how to interpret a subject or scene into photographic form via the limitations of the medium does require a degree of technical knowledge.

The photo above is of a building in Corfu town Greece, I photographed it whilst going on an hours walk exploring the area. Initially the position of the windows and the power cable caught my eye, I framed the image so that the cable bisected the photo, splitting it in half, with the window at the bottom being the same as the others it held the composition together.

To avoid the deep blue sky distracting from the image I knew that converting to b/w would strengthen the composition.

Applying a ‘red filter’ in post production would make the deep blue sky really dark, matching the black cable.

This technique was done in Photoshop using a b/w adjustment layer, fine tuning the results by sliding the colour sliders (blue and cyan in this case) to the left, darkening the sky and achieving the effect I wanted.

The little white cloud appeared at just the right time, adding a little extra to the image.


The image was shot using a Fujifilm X2-Pro with a XF 35mm f1.4 R lens.

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