Fashion Shoot for Rebranding Company

Fashion Shoot for Disley

Recently I’ve been taking some fashion photos for corporate clothing company Disley, a new client who contacted me earlier in the year. They are in the process of a complete re-brand, new name, new logo and new clothing ranges, and came to me for some creative ideas, advice, and of course the photography as well.

These photos are the first part of several day’s photography of the basic range, followed by the more premium garments. The shoot took place in my studio, we hired two models and one make-up / hair stylist, the agency creative director flew down from Edinburgh and my Disley client travelled from Bath.

fashion photography corporate ©darrin jenkins 2016

It was a great opportunity to put a new camera to the test, so armed

with the Phase One IQ3 100 on a Phase One XF body with 80mm BR lens we

started shooting. The camera is attached to the computer via USB3 cable,

that way the images are displayed on the large calibrated screen as we

shoot, the client can then review and sign off images in real time. The

art director was also impressed on how he could look at the same images

as they were being shot on an iPad (linked to the WiFi network), from

that he could also tag images he liked, they were then automatically tagged on the master files on my computer.

BTS of photography fashion studio shoot Make-up stylist fashio photography corporate €darrin jenkins 2016

One photo of the model wearing a Gingham shirt and a cropped in view showing the detail below. When you have 100 million pixels to play with there are more possibilities to pick out details withing the image. The image was shot at 200 ISO.

fashion photography corporate ©darrin jenkins 2016