Wine bottle animation content creation

MadameF wine animation for content creation on Instagram, shot in my studio. I created the concept, photography and post production.


"Madame F is a creative collaboration with Queer Britain, a charity that is working to create the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum.

The collection’s lively white, smooth red, and fruity rosé are inspired by the community 

that they represent."

"Queer Britain became a charity in late 2018 and is now preparing to move into its first physical home. It will be the UK’s first national museum focused on LGBTQ+ people, gathering, exploring and celebrating their stories, histories and artefacts. As well as being full of rich and wildly diverse stories from the past and present, it will have a strong educational agenda.

Queer Britain will be an innovative, immersive bricks and mortar museum which will preserve and present stories and artefacts. It will celebrate, explore and explain LGBTQ+ lives and place them in a national and international context for everyone."

"Queer Britain, a charity working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum, has teamed up with creative agency M&C Saatchi to launch Madame F, a brave, original wine brand. "

See MadameF on Instagram @madamef_wine