Why I have a vital draw of junk in the studio

As a photographer who has his own studio and shoots a lot of products and food I collect crap, and usually at least one draw is filled with it. I have a draw or three and a balcony filled with props, coloured card of different textures and sizes, wooden backgrounds, lights, a mannequin, a blackbirds nest, the list goes on…

Detailed planning for a shoot is always a priority but there are some things that you just can’t plan for; that’s where my junk draw fits in, all of these ‘junk’ items are vital to have as you never know exactly what is needed during a shoot, and to go out each time to source them is impractical both on time and cost.

Junk draw in the photography studio

My odds and ends draw (as in the photo) is filled with things such as various sizes of wooden cubes and blocks, wire, acrylic rods, pins, card for use as reflectors, things for supporting and holding. The draw’s contents help shoots go smoothly and enjoyably with less fuss, it’s always comforting to know that in the draw there is something at hand that works perfectly to support an object or throw light when you need it most..