TRW advertising shoot

TRW Advertising Photo shoot

In April this year I was commissioned to take photographs for the German car part company TRW Aftermarket. TRW “the leading manufacturer of safety products for the world’s vehicles”.

The shoot consisted of two parts, first part was a video to be shot in the studio by a production company and also myself (on second camera), second part was the stills shoot for the pan-European advertising campaign.
The studio was filled with people, agency, make-up, production company staff and two models who were in-fact real employees from TRW. The whole day was multi-lingual with French, German and English speakers but everything went well and to plan. Lunch was a fantastic array of salads and some superb cakes delivered by my regular catering company.

In the afternoon I was given the task of photographing the models for the poster, online and press ads, the images were used to tell the stories of the people who work at TRW and how they are suited perfectly to the jobs they do, hence the title of the campaign “True Originals”. The models were great and really got into the spirit of the brief, they were easy going and enjoyed the day, so nice to be photographing real people!

What the client & press say:

Ben Smart, marketing services manager, global Parts & Service, said: “This campaign strikes new life into the term ‘Original’ by refocusing on its true meaning.

“By stating that TRW is the ‘True Original’, we mean the total package; the way we act, everything we say and do as well as the passion and commitment we inject into product development.”

Behind thge scenes of video shoot in my studio Make-up during video shoot for advertising campaign Advertising photographer Studio video and stills shoot darrin jenkins 2015

Guido Orth-Gauch, Technical Author at TRW

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