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Earlier in the spring I was commissioned to photograph tomatoes for a book to be produced by a leading UK importer. They were not only modern varieties but also some fantastically looking heritage varieties of various shapes and colours. The brief was very open: To produce some beautiful images of each variety, the photos had to fit a crop size, but otherwise it was up to me to decide how to shoot them!

Having seen some examples of tomato photographs which were shot on white, I chose a very dark background which showed the deep colours of the tomatoes off much better, the lighting was soft and from the side with very little fill, allowing the shadows to go quite dark, propping was minimal because we had so many to shoot and I wanted the series to have a consistent style.

You can see some of the tomato images on my food web-site together with other food shots:

The feedback for my client:

“I meant to email you this morning because the day went amazingly well. The book was a terrific success and the supermarket team told me that the photos were "out of this world" (name check to you and contact details included)

I am really pleased that I found your website!

The best news is that I have already been told by my MD that I can do it again next year so consider yourself booked!

I am really hopeful that I can use the some of the images in a publicity campaign that we will run with the supermarket to launch 2 new Finest lines in November.
They are talking about potentially running some adds in the foodie mags (Olive,
Delicious, Good Food etc) - I will keep you posted.

Thanks again Darrin”

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