Spoke CC Cycling cafe Video

It's always great to have the opportunity to create a video of an exciting project.

In the depths of rural Hertfordshire you will find Spoke CC, a cycling themed cafe. Both interior and exterior are filled with large amounts of cycling memorabilia, together with other oddities and classic bicycles.

Not only do they serve great coffee, cakes and other food but can also service your bike in their purpose built professional workshop!

I teamed up with photographer David Giles (another Association of Photographers member) to shoot this video, this meant that we could bounce our creative ideas and also enabled access to more filming kit and the opportunity to use a multi-camera set up.

We filmed in the cold of January and February, even so there were plenty of cyclists and non-cyclists visiting at the weekend. The idea was to create a film that could be used in its entirety or cut up into clips to be used in short form in social media. Humour was also a requirement too.

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