Rotating table

I like to try out different techniques from time to time, this one involved a set with a bottle of wine on a rotating table, the camera and lights were off the table and static. The table was rotated whilst the camera filmed the light falling on and off the subject. The whole action could be repeated without complicated rigs to move lights around. I quite like this one, it gives a different perspective to a wine shot.

It was kept purposefully short with t he intention for it to be more intro than indepth about the wine...

Italian style music for a Venetian wine.


The film was edited in Davinci Resolve and the 'old film' effect added which when matched with some Italian style music gave the effect I was after.

Here's a snap of the set, a bit Heath Robinson looking but it worked! The circular was cut to order and fitted with one very large diameter metal bearing. The whole circular table could then be rotated in either direction.

When I create some personal work I always try to go further than a minimal brief would cover. This could have been a very simple video, just a little camera movement or just the slosh of the wine in the glass, but I wanted to add more value to it so decided to make life difficult for me and have the lot rotating on a large circular table at the same time as the sloshing of the wine in the glass. It was not without its problems but I got exactly the results I had intended to get.

The wine bottle was placed onto a slab of African slate which I had purchased from Firedearth some years ago, the surface has a great texture and amazing rusty orange colour.

The two lights you can see in the photo above are Broncolor Picolites, they are great as small boxlights can be easily fitted over them, on one of them I popped a green gel on as I love a bit of mixed colour temperature lighting in an image. The Fujichrome Xt-3 camera was on a small tripod, fitted with a Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 lens and the footage recorded on an Atmos Ninja 5 recorder / monitor.

I enjoy these exploitations into new techniques and always on the lookout for something new and original. Wether it is video or a still image it's great to get the brain cells whirring over something exciting!


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