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Luxury interior photography

I was commissioned to take some more photographs for my wonderful client Comer Homes, a property developer who are in the process of developing the old American International University, Royal Connaught Park in Bushey, Watford.

My photographs were primarily used for full page adverts in The Sunday Times newspaper, hence the vertical crop and space for copy. Deadlines were tight, we had to wait for the builders and interior designers to finish the room before we could take the photos. All was shot high res on my Phase One IQ180 80mp digital camera fitted with the superb Phase One 28mm lens.

The development has its own on-site health & fitness club including a swimming pool and underground car park. Every apartment is made with premium grade materials so it's not surprising that they fetch up to £5m each!

Royal Connaught Park has been used as a location for many films including: Children of Men, Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life, Oxford Murders and features in some scenes for the Harry Potter movie, also has featured in various TV series including Judge John Deed and Little Britain.

Ypu can read more about it here

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