iCandy Ads all over London

Crossrail poster campaign photography for icandy world

Recently I have been taking photographs for iCandy, the well known company who make top quality pushchairs which sell all over the world.

Each pushchair was photographed separately, cut out and placed onto a coloured striped computer generated background (created in Photoshop). The shadow was shot as a separate image and then combined with each pushchair. Not every chair was a straight shot either, there were several photos taken of each and then combined in Photoshop to give the best appearance of the mesh luggage carrier and hoods. The 16 layer Photoshop file was flattened and supplied as a 450ppi to the correct dimensions for across the track tube posters.

Here's iCandy's feedback for my photography:

“Working with Darrin for the first time this year has highlighted to us the importance of having high quality photography for our products and brand. We compared side by side shots of existing images and Darrin’s images and the difference was night and day. Every detail was brought out beautifully by Darrin’s expert lighting, and the images were processed to ensure the product looked immaculate. Not only is Darrin technically excellent at what he does, but he is also a pleasure to work with. It’s refreshing to find someone who cares as much about how our products look as we do.”

Testimonial from Thom Bateman, head of marketing at iCandy.

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