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Food photography vegan desserts Halloween cakes photo photographer

I recently took this photo for acclaimed pastry chef Danielle Maupertuis, her cakes are not only fun but tasty and Vegan as well!

It was great to be given an open brief, so up to me to decide how the desserts were to be photographed, the theme was Halloween but I didn’t want to take things over the top with cobwebs, skeletons, and general gore, instead keeping the style simple with some minimal propping with the pumpkin lights was the direction to go, this made the cakes the star of the photo without being lost amongst crass props.

A modern contemporary look was created; clean lines, angles, and a bright cyan colour with hard contrasty lighting. Tipping the scones out of the red bowl added extra interest and a spark of fun to the image.

The image was created to promote Danielle’s video tutorial courses, two Halloween ones now live on her website where you can subscribe to them here:

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