The Photography Blog

I recently had a sort through some old b/w photographs I took in 1986 / 1987. Here's some of them.

A really easy recipe for delicious honecomb. Food photography in the commercial studio Hertfordshire

25 | 05 | 16

Merry Christmas 2013!

A fun Photoshop amimated gif © Darrin Jenkins 2013

My new Bio - less scripty more fun

Remembering the use of Cow Gum and Magic Markers. They were used in graphic design studios for layouts and visuals before computers became available.

25 | 05 | 16

CGI Imagery

I have teamed up with top retouchers Reddimension, who I am now working with on a series of collaborative works. The one below is the first, my idea was to create a scene where the butter comes to life and grabs for a cracker. Richard from Reddimension did a great CGI job of creating and sculpting the hand!

25 | 05 | 16

Old Bulbs

I have been sorting through my collection of photographic bulbs

My food photo of a Lemon Meringue pie has won again, this time in the International Photography Masters Cup Award

25 | 05 | 16

Breakfast egg video

Short video of toast soldier dipping into breakfast egg

Blue Dragon, the well known brand for Oriental sauces visited the studio to have four cooked dishes photographed using their new sauces.