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Rotating table

I like to try out different techniques from time to time, this one involved a set with a bottle of wine on a rotating table, the camera and lights were off the table and static. The table was rotated whilst the camera filmed the light falling on and off the subject.

There were so many different ways to photograph this handbag, but not all of them would make the image pop out of the page and grab the attention that it deserves.

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Portrait composition

Using a high viewpoint looking down, plus rotating the camera has made a less symmetric composition, shifting the face to the top left and feet to the bottom right, also creating negative space in the top right and bottom left balancing the shot

Experimenting with previous video footage of a Ballerina with the intension to make a sinister if a little scary film.

Photography and video of Vegan desserts, all shot at my studio in Hertfordshire.

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Eyewear Photoshoot

Behind the Lens BTS of LK Bennette eyewear shoot in the UK studio Hertfordshire. Photos for global campaign.

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Savile Row Tailor

Fashion photography for Alexandra Wood Bespoke of here latest additions to her men's suit range of garments

Alexandra Wood Bespoke visit the studio for some fun fashion photography of her latest bespoke tailored suits.

09 | 03 | 21

Drinks Animation

Short animation depicting 'Time for Tea'. Produced with various apps, some tube and a funnel.

How I used a 8W LED bulb to light a bottle of Jack Daniels